Statewide Initiatives

NDMTSS Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools (TIPS) 

The purpose of the Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools (TIPS) Needs Assessment is to provide educators and schools with a tool to assess their progress towards creating and maintaining trauma-informed learning environments. The TIPS Needs Assessment serves as a framework to enhance a school system’s trauma-informed practices by,

  1. Providing a course of action upon completion of the professional development curriculum: Trauma Sensitive Schools: A New Perspective on Student Behavior and Learning;
  2. Conducting a system-wide gap analysis between the current state and the desired state of a trauma-informed school;
  3. Supporting the guidance, planning, and preparation for professional development in relation to the implementation and sustainability of trauma-informed practices in schools (, page 7);
  4. Providing school districts an information source to utilize when considering the allocation of district support.

The TIPS Needs Assessment is intended to be utilized as a tool to measure the extent to which schools are implementing trauma-informed practices, as well as monitoring implementation progress. It is not intended to be a prescription, checklist or one-size-fits-all approach.


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