North Dakota Regional Education Associations (NDREA)


A Regional Education Association (REA) is a group of school districts seeking to improve their educational programs and services through cooperation and pooling of resources.

REAs achieve legal standing through Joint Powers Agreements, which allow the entity to do whatever a school district is authorized to do.  REAs are controlled by a Governing Board comprised of the superintendent and other representatives of the member school districts.  Typically, an Administrative Board (sometimes called an Executive Committee) and a lead administrator are elected to carry out the policies set by the Governing Board.  Each REA employs a Director to provide leadership, coordinate programs and services, and manage the day-to-day operations of the association.

There are eight REAs in North Dakota, and 93% of all the public school districts in the state are members of an REA.  Over 98% of all public school students in the state are served by an REA.  Each REA offers unique programs and services based on the needs of the region.  Beginning in 2011, all the REAs began working toward offering a common core of high quality programs and services in the areas of professional development, technology support, data systems support, school improvement support, and curriculum enrichment.

NDREA is a network of the eight regional education associations (REAs) in North Dakota. The primary members are the REA Directors. Other members include REA lead administrators and representatives from other organizations that help to advance NDREA’s mission.  NDREA promotes collaboration among the eight REAs in order to produce higher degrees of statewide resource efficiency and program and service effectiveness than might otherwise be achieved by individual REAs operating independently.