Priority Standards, Proficiency Scales, Assessments

Priority Standards, Proficiency Scales, Assessments

In the standards-era of education, it is critical that schools develop a Guaranteed and Viable curriculum. A guaranteed curriculum means all teachers will teach the same priority standards for the same course and/or grade level. A viable curriculum is one that can be taught in the time available for teachers to do so. Assessment is first and foremost a teaching tool, not just a grading tool. Developing quality assessments and using a variety of assessment practices is one of the most important aspects for teaching and learning in the standards-based learning environment. 

The goal of the Standards Professional Learning (SPL) grant project was to engage practitioners in a collaborative study of learning standard viability, learning targets, and proficiency scales in order to improve core instruction and assessment of student mastery. Read the full SPL Grant Evaluation Report here.

Important Notice!

If you have accessed modified one or more of these scales without making a copy first your version may have moved - but is still accessible! We know great work is being done with these scales and we do not want you to lose what you've accomplished so we've moved all scales that were not created by the SPL State Workgroup into either the Customized Math Scales or Customized ELA Scales. Please find your work here and do one of the following: download and save to your files OR make a copy and save it to YOUR Google Drive account.

These scales were created and made available for users to download and copy into their own file storage system for personal use and sharing, however, the prior permissions allowed for new documents to be created in each grade level folder. We have fixed the permissions so each proficiency scale is view only (forcing users to download and save their own copies of the documents). We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. For instructions on how to download and save your own copy of these documents please click here.


Webinars with Phil Warrick and Jan Hoegh, Marzano Resources:

Password required for access. Please email Erin Lacina at with your Full Name, Job Title, School, and District.


Standards, Scales, Assessment Two-Day Workshops

During the month of August (2018), two-day workshops introducing ND Educators to new resources for ELA and Mathematics content standards were held in Bismarck, Devils Lake,  and Fargo. These workshops shared the tools and resources developed through the collaborative Standards Professional Grant received by SEEC, NESC, MDEC, and MREC via NDDPI. The workshop helped participants learn how to access and implement these resources for a guaranteed and viable curriculum and improved assessment practices in their schools.

If you'd like more information on "How To Use These Resources", please reach out to Erin Lacina, NESC Director of Professional Learning & Operations, at 701-662-7650 or


Workshop Testimonials

  • "Awesome training! LaCosta is a phenomenal presenter!  A lot of the information we had already started to implement, but it's great to have these resources to share as well."  Teacher, Fargo South High School

  • "I gained so much useable knowledge that I can bring back to fellow teachers and my classroom. Thank you!" - Teacher, Richland Elementary School

  • "Not only will I be using these; I will be sharing with everyone else at the school. The resources & help we received at this workshop are FANTASTIC!"  - Teacher, Manvel Public School

  • "I learned a lot about the standards and believe the prioritized standards will greatly benefit my lesson planning." - Teacher, North Star Elementary School

  • "It was awesome. This is going to be amazing for my classroom. - Elementary Teacher, Tate Topa Tribal School

  • "NESC provides relevant and meaningful PD for staff. PD is always immediately applicable to the classroom setting and directly affects the learning environment in a positive manner. - Administrator, Edmore High School